Create beautiful skylines right in iOS Messages.


Featuring famous buildings, landmarks and monuments.


Available now for iOS Messages.

SkyLines FAQ

What is SkyLines?
SkyLines is a minimalist sticker app that uses outlines of famous buildings, landmarks and monuments as stickers for Apple® Messages platform.

Can I make the stickers fit the screen of the Messages app or change the size of a sticker?
Unfortunately there is a restriction with the Messages app that only allows stickers to occupy half the screen. If we could submit larger stickers we would jump at the chance.

Why is there a lot of blank space in the stickers?
Apple’s guidelines require stickers to be square. This doesn’t affect the blank areas of our stickers as they are transparent, allowing anything behind the sticker to be visible through the blank areas.

How do I create an actual skyline using SkyLines?
While we initially designed the stickers with preceding and leading lines in the hopes of allowing everyone to join the stickers together, iOS doesn’t currently support this and would require an App to be developed. However, you can use one of the generic line stickers to act as a ground line and place other stickers on top of that line.

How can I suggest a new building, landmark, monument or feature?
We are always looking for ways to improve SkyLines. If you would like to suggest a new SkyLine sticker or a feature, you can send an email to . We can not guarantee your feedback will be acted upon nor does the submission of feedback confer ownership of the feedback to the submitter, however we will do our best to meet your needs.

I don’t like the outlines of building and want to see some detail.
So do we. Stay tuned for a new sticker pack to be released soon that is a little more ‘Solid’.


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